Are you thinking about going for the chop but not sure if a bob hairstyle will suit you? Well, there’s a theory that can take away your fear of going for shorter locks. The 2.25” rule is renowned for being the ‘go-to’ rule to follow by A lister celebrity hairstylists to check whether short hair is the right length for you. A little baffled by the 2.25 rule? Let us explain in more detail…

Usually, when contemplating cutting your hair, you’ll research your face shape, consult with your hair stylist, pull back your hair, create a faux bob to imagine yourself with short tresses etc etc to try and figure out if short hair will suit you.

Now, everything has changed thanks to a ruler and pencil. Um, what!? We hear you ask yourself. Yes, a ruler and pencil gals. All that you need to do to see if short hair will suit you is, place a pencil under your chin horizontally and hold a ruler under your ear, vertically. If the intersection of the two points measure less than 2.25” a la Rosie Huntington Whiteley, your face is made for short hair. Apparently, it’s all about the angles and this is a fool-proof guide for hair stylists to use so that they can tailor the haircut to make the length as flattering as possible to their clients face shape. We’re soo for this!