Featured Salon: Tundella & Co. Salon

Tundella & Co. Salon, Philadelphia


It’s true that Tundella & co. Salon is where it started for Seven Layers™ Hair Extensions and is now the proud flagship salon for the brand.

But this page is reserved FOR YOU.

Seven Layers™ Hair Extensions is committed to building a network of salons across the country and our way of saying thanks is by promoting you! Each month we will feature a fabulous and exciting salon that works with Seven Layers™ Hair Extensions and when the month is up, you’ll be archived with us forever!

On a professional level, nothing helps your search engine results like being included in a network of like-minded and successful businesses.


As a distributing salon, Seven Layers™ Hair Extensions provides you with the tools needed to increase your business and let the world know.

Web flyers, banner ads, email templates, posters and brochures, in-house video files, apps and more to clobber any competition your salon might have.

Beyond The Website.

We’re committed to go far and we plan on taking you with us. As a salon owner, start your application process, save money, make money, be happy.

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